Be in a State of Bliss

Give a Blissful Bear for Christmas and help children. Find out how below.

Blissful Bears are cute, happy, colorful, teddy bear NFTs that will bring a smile to your face. There are male and female bears. The bears come in several colors and have a large number of clothes, hats, neck accessories, hand props and backgrounds. There are 7,777 unique bears in the collection. Some of the bears are rare and can become valuable. Every person has an equal chance of getting a rare bear.

You can add these bears to your teddy bear collection or give them as Christmas gifts. Blissful Bears are unique and wonderful Christmas gifts.

Why This NFT Project Is Different

High resolution (1,280 X 1,280) 3D bears

Full body images instead of just head and torso

200 Variations resulting in a large variety of unique, cute bears

Comics & videos featuring the bears

Rare bears hand selected and autographed by the artist

The team members are fully doxxed

Membership to the exclusive Blissful Bears Club upon mint

Blissful Bears Club Member Benefits

Members can stake their bears to receive a share of the royalties from resales. 50% of the royalties will be returned to Blissful Bears Club members each month.

Owners of a male and female Blissful Bear can breed a FREE baby Blissful Bear.

FREE stuffed teddy bear wearing a shirt with the Blissful Bears Club logo shipped directly to members.

Print your Blissful Bear NFT on a wide selection of merchandise such as T-shirts, caps, mugs, phone cases, mouse pads and hoodies.

Additional comics added regularly.

Contests where you can name your Blissful Bear and get it featured in a comic.

Contests where you can win a custom Blissful Bear NFT drawn to your specifications autographed by the artist.

Our goal is to maintain a high resale price for Blissful Bears by providing members with benefits which encourage the holding of bears.

The Blissful Bears Story

When the world seemed to be at its darkest, people were looking for a way to improve their lives. Almost everyone felt negative—sad, scared, angry, or lost. As people all over the world wished and prayed for hope, love, and happiness, their collective desire for positivity came together and manifested the Blissful Bears.

When they manifest for the first time, the Blissful Bears wake up in a bright, warm land called Blissful Bay. Nestled on a sunny beach in the Kingdom of Joyland, Blissful Bay has warm, sunny days and cool, quiet nights with skies full of beautiful stars. In between their adventures, each Blissful Bear helps take care of this peaceful land and maintain it as a genuine “happy place.” Within Blissful Bay, the Blissful Bears love to play games, make arts and crafts, garden, and participate in many more fun activities.

On their adventures, the Blissful Bears appear to people when they’re feeling down or negative. Blissful Bears don’t just show up for children—they are here to help people from all walks of life! Blissful Bears help people from different walks of life and different careers—doctors, astronauts, brides, and even cowboys!—giving them advice on finding happiness and peace.

The Blissful Bears are happy to stay with you if you need them. There is no limit to joy and happiness, so you can collect as many Blissful Bears are you want or need, and they’ll be happy to stay with you. They also don’t mind if you need to trade them or gift them to others—they are more than happy to help you spread joy, too!

If you ever visit Blissful Bay, you can often hear Blissful Bears shouting, “Pep Pep!” to each other. This means that they’re feeling “peppy”—happy and energetic! This phrase is how the Blissful Bears check up on each other. If you call out “Pep Pep!” for yourself, you may just meet a Blissful Bear or even be able to connect with another collector!

This isn’t all the Blissful Bears do. Sometimes, when a person or group of people have very negative thoughts, it manifests a monster in Joyland. These monsters poison the land and destroy the kingdom, so it is up to the Blissful Bears to defeat them!

The Blissful Bears don’t harm these monsters. In fact, they turn the negative thoughts that created these monsters—sadness, anger, fear, or other thoughts and feelings—into something constructive and positive. These monsters transform from ugly beasts into either helpful items for the Blissful Bears to use or into more Blissful Bears themselves. These Blissful Bears are just as happy to help others and ready to protect happiness and Joyland.

Whenever you’re feeling down, just close your eyes and wish for some “Beary Bliss” and a Blissful Bear will be there in a jiffy!

Blissful Bears Video

Blissful Bears Comics

Issue 2 is available after the mint in the Blissful Bears Club member’s area on Discord.


Sample merchandise you can create as a Blissful Bears Club member. There are a lot more merchandise items you can place your Blissful Bear NFT on.

If you wish to help children in need, your donation of $25* will provide a Bears Who Care “Bundle” to three children in need, which includes a teddy bear and a book for each child. In addition, you will receive a limited edition Bailey teddy bear manufactured by GUND.

Please donate an additional $10 for U.S. and $25 for international shipping.

Blissful Bear Traits


Leah Vanderwalt

Leah Vanderwalt

Art Director

Jesus Pulido

Jesus Pulido

Comics Director

Sonal Singh

Sonal Singh

Lead Developer

frequently asked questions

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1. What type of project is this?
This is a Solana NFT project.
2. When is the mint date?
Mid December 2021.
3. What is the mint price?

The mint price will be announced on Twitter and Discord in December.

4. How do I mint a Blissful Bear?

The mint website link will be posted on Twitter and Discord shortly before the mint time.

5. What do I need to do before the mint?

a) Download the Phantom extension for your Internet browser and create a Solana wallet.
b) Fund your Phantom wallet with Solana from FTX.US, Coinbase, Binance, etc.

6. Can I mint more than 1 Blissful Bear?
There is no limit to the number of Blissful Bears that you can mint.
7. Where can I find Twitter and Discord for the Blissful Bears Club?

The latest developments and announcements can be found on Twitter and Discord

8. Will there be a presale?

Yes. Details on how to become whitelisted will be announced on Discord.